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About Erik Voskamp

Erik Voskamp was one of the first rum ambassadors in the Netherlands.

His passion for rum started when, after three years living on the beautiful island of Hispaniola at the Dominican Republic, he lived the rum experience to the fullest.

During his stay in Dominican Republic, he traveled to the other Caribbean islands, worked in bars and as a tourist guide, that included occasional trips to the distilleries, were he has come to not only appreciate the different rum-making techniques and complexity of a fine bottle or rum, but also developed a healthy obsession with the world of rum.

Upon his return to the Netherlands his mania flourished where he started to demystify the world of rum to the Dutch market by Introducing and providing company's suggestions.

When taking the first steps into the world of rum - that today is tasted and enjoyed in the Netherlands in a variety of ways. Over the years, Erik Voskamp has provided reviews, tasting notes, pairing advice, as well as workshops and tastings to companies and private events.

With over 20 years of experience in the world of rum, Erik Voskamp continues as the first Dutch Rum Ambassador to share his knowledge and the different varieties of rum to companies and Individuals from all over the world.

His extensiveness portfolio includes services to the Netherlands, as well as Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Tenerife, Dominican Republic and New York.

Erik Voskamp Has also published in several magazines, (news) papers and has also reviewed several contents for Individuals, book writers and articles about rum.

To book Erik Voskamp for a business or private event, please fill in the contact form.


Rum Tastings

You may know Rumworld from one of our Rum Tastings in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Spain or even in Turkey.

We have been many times a guest at various activities at friends clubs, liquor stores, events, openings, corporate parties, bachelor evenings, cruise boats, hotels, sports clubs, music festival, etc.


Trade Exhibitions, Fairs, Exhibitions, Festivals etc. etc.

We regularly attend trade fairs, beverage events, fairs and markets. We stand there not only for ourselves but also for other companies for promotion and sales.

For example, we were in Lisse at the Whiskey & rum festival with Santa Teresa and with Conde de Cuba. At the Serbonne Winterfair we promoted Legendario and Mulata Elixer. In Hengelo and in Didam we promoted DrankExpert. At Club Rum 2017 we promoted Damoiseau, San Pablo, Rom Rincon, NuqLiquor and Elements Eight At Club Rum 2018 we promoted Damoiseau, Rom Rincon and Nuqliquor. At the 50 Plus Fair (Utrecht) we promoted Ron Abuelo.

Would you also like to have your rum promoted by Rumworld? Feel free to contact us for the possibilities..



Perhaps you have also read a publication or something else from us.

For example, we wrote an entire page in the Saturday edition about Rum in the AD, 2 pages in the Dutch Penthouse, in the FD and also on nu.nl.

But also in professional journals such as written for Schuitema, C1000 and Misset HORECA. We also write something about rum every month for Latin World.

We also regularly cooperate with websites, books and magazines, but also as a source. For example, Rum & Reggae by Hans Offringa



Erik is one of the best to combine extreme professionalism with a touch of ease which he puts everyone at. Not only has he prove to have a wide knowledge of Rum and spirits, but is a strategic sales person and most importantly is one of the best team players. I would gladly vouch for Erik and he would be an asset to any team and organization.

Salvatore Aceto
Sourcing European Food & Wine

Erik's passion for rum and knowledge of the rum industry are evident from the moment you first meet him. This drive allows him to be very efficient at Rumworld, conducting rum tastings and offering accurate advice to his clients. The world needs more people like Erik.

Luis Ayala
Rum Consultant and "Got Rum?" Publisher


Persona muy trabajadora y amante de los rones, con avidez por aprender dia a dia. Un fenomeno en el mundo del ron.

Javier Herrera
Director International Rum of Conference- President of Rum Club International

Erik is a true rum lover and rum expert who can be hired for tastings, masterclasses, clinics and presentations. He is able to give extended and very interesting information regarding rum at all levels, from beginner to expert.

Frank Collet
Assistant Category Manager Wines & Aperitifs at Mitra C.V.

Erik is very knowledgable about the many varieties in Rum. If you are looking for a particular edge or flavour or if you have a favorite tropical fruit that you want to taste in your rum, he will fix you up with the right bottle.

Ivo van der Valk
Marketing & Sales Executive at Quality Spirits


Below a number of references with who have worked and worked in recent years in the fields of Rum, Events, Restaurants, Liquor stores, etc.

Rum Brands

HORECA, Event offices, Retail, Culture, Conventional associations, Sports clubs, Etc.