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Nice facts about Rum

  • History books tell us that Rum was first served on board British ships after the conquest of Jamaica in 1655. Obviously there was already production before that time, but there are doubts about how long already.
  • The oldest Rum distillery (still in operation) is the Mount Gay Distillery in Barbados,where rum is produced since 1703.
  • Rum is older than whiskey! (Strathisla Distillery, the makers of Chivas Regal, founded in 1786, claims to be the oldest whiskey distillery).
  • There is Rum that is made from 100% pure sugar cane juice. Most French Antilles countries (Martinique, Guadeloupe, etc.) belong to this movement. Sugar cane is used in these countries not grown to produce sugar, but to produce Rum.
  • According to European law, rum is a distillate from sugar cane that has to be distilled under 96 percent alcohol and has the organoleptic characteristics of Rum.
  • Rum is distilled all over the world, but generally where sugar cane grows.
  • Rum is distilled from molasses, sugar cane juice or sugar cane syrup.
  • Nowadays they also make so-called Rum from other raw materials, but they do not get it to taste with the original Rum.
  • Every country and / or region has its own characteristic way of fermenting and distilling, creating a very wide range of types `Rum '.
  • Rum can be distilled in a so-called POTT STILL or a COLUMN STILL.
  • In the Pott Stills the more aromatic rum (high ester) is generally distilled and in the Column Stills the light Rum.
  • There are a number of sugar cane distillates that are mentioned differently. For example, there is Cachaca which comes only from Brazil or Aquardiente and Arrak or Arak which comes from Indonesia.
  • In general, Rums that are sold in bottles in Europe are "BLENDS". Although the Single Cask is gaining more and more popularity.
  • In 1740 the British Admiral Vernon gave the order that Rum could no longer be drunk on the ships of the British navy, but had to be diluted with water. And so the GROG has arisen.
  • Ethan Allen first stopped at the Catamount Tavern to drink rum before he conquered Fort Ticonderoga.
  • Rum is widely recognized as the oldest distillate in the world.
  • Admiral Nelson's remains were kept in a barrel of his favorite rum during the famous Battle of Trafalgar until his funeral.
  • About 300 years ago, the British Navy prescribed that every sailor should drink 2 ounces of rum a day because of his health. Until 1970 it was still allowed that rum was drunk on the war fleet.
  • Vice Admiral William Penn, whose son later founded Pennsylvania. Was the first captain that Rum as a daily reward.
  • In the 17th century, a sailor got half a pint (284 ml) of Demerara rum a day. When the daily reward fell away in 1970 !! the portion had already shrunk to 1/8 pint.

As a closing
There is a Rum for everyone that she / he likes, but they don't know it yet.

Erik Voskamp
The Dutch Rum Ambassador