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Which Styles Rum Are There?

English style rum,

The oldest known style, which is usually distilled in Pot Stills and for the most part for several years on the barrel ripen.

This Rum comes from the (former) British overseas territories, Barbados (also known as Bajan Rum) Jamaica and Trinidad are the familiar examples.

This Rum is appreciated for its quality and rich flavors.
This is the result of medium and / or long fermentation.

Often it is blends of different maturation ages of which the youngest age is usually mentioned on the label.


Spanish style rum,

This Rum came on "the market" a bit later and is somewhat "lighter" than the English Style Rum.

In general, these Rums are distilled in Column Stills with a short to medium fermentation.

Well-known Spanish style Rum countries are for example Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Panama.

In general, the age mentioned on the label is the average age of the blend (s) or the so-called Solera Rum is the oldest age of the blend.


French Style or Rhum agricole,

This rum is made exclusively from sugar cane juice, this rum generally has a fruity nose and a relatively dry feeling in the mouth, with more vegetable flavors.

This elegant but unusual rum comes from the French colonies such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, Réunion and Haiti.

This Rum is becoming increasingly popular among enthusiasts but still has a long way to go in the Netherlands.

Generally this Rum is produced in Column Stills and according to the French AOC guidelines.