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Zu Plun Old Fine Rum

€ 72,50
Zu Plun Old Fine Rum

Smaak notities van Florian Rabanser.


  • Colour-clearness: golden, champagne-tinged tones
  • Nose: unmistakable rum tones complemented by fruity dry sherry tones
  • Palate: dry to harsh, smoky, light flowery finish
  • Aftertaste: strongly persistent


Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen

Zu Plun Rum op uw rumproeverij? 


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Content 0,5 liter
ABV 50%
Stated Age 4-5yo
Cask PX casks
Category Aged Rum
Distillery Not provided
Country Not provided


Erik adviseert de Zu Plun Old Fine Rum gewoon straight of met ijs en daarbij wat chocolade met een hoog cacao gehalte.

Doe gewoon wat ijsblokjes in je glas (of niet natuurlijk) even laten ademen en geniet!

De chocolade zorgt voor een zachte smaak sensatie.



The paradise distillate from the Caribbean in the Dolomites? Sure! This is thanks to the experimentation spirit of creative distillation masters at Plunhof, who have created something totally innovative for South Tyrol. The first rum distilled and bottled in Italy is something truly special. The molasses come from winding paths on the Sciliar: the thickened sugar cane juice is shipped in enormous containers from Central America firs to Hamburg and from there to Amsterdam – where the first small quantities are produced. The rum by Plunhof is hugely popular; this is due not only to its unusual place of origin, but rather most of all to its outstanding quality. This very dry spirit is produced without sugar addition and stored in oak barrels, which used to contain the Spanish sweet wine specialty Pedro Ximénez. Its numerous international awards confirm the competitiveness of this product – not just within a regional niche.
Significant is also the animal chosen for the label on this rum: it’s the widely-travelled hoopoe, with its spectacular feathering which makes it look almost like an exotic bird and whose journey is similar in length to that of the molasses…
This characteristic rum is produced without addition of sugar or aromas; it brings to the nose aromas of leather, tobacco, dried fruit and sultanas. Fine herb and mild palate.

  • Raw material: Sugar cane juice from Central America
  • Distillation method: discontinuous, in a copper still