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Zacapa 23 Rum

€ 60,50
Zacapa 23 Rum

Smaak notitie van Lorena Vasquez de master Ronera van Zacapa.


Soft, sweet start with aromas of caramel, vanilla, cacao and butterscotch. Continued by sherried notes of caramelized roated brazil nuts and toasted hazelnut, rounded out by toffee, banana and dried pineapple.

Complex, generous and full-bodied. Starting with a depth of dried fruit and apricot, building to savory oak, nutmeg, leather and tobacco with notes of coffee and vanilla, balanced with a spicy touch of cinnamon and ginger.

Intricate with honeyed butterscotch, spiced oak and dried fruit.


Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen


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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 40%
Stated Age 6-23yo
Cask American Whisky - PX Wine - Sherry
Category Solera Aged Rum
Distillery Zacapa
Country Guatemala


Erik adviseert de Zacapa 23 rum "gewoon" met ijsblokjes of straight.

Neem een mooi en handzaam glas, doe er wat ijsblokjes in (of niet natuurlijk) Schenk de Zacapa er over heen, even laten ademen en genieten maar.

Ook heerlijk onder begeleiding van chocolade met een hoog cacao gehalte.


Zacapa Rum

The balance of delicate and unique flavors of Zacapa 23 is derived from a blend of aged rums between 6 and 23 years old, originating from the “Sistema Solera” aging process. Zacapa 23 is aged in selected barrels that previously aged robust American whiskey, delicate sherries and fine Pedro Ximénez wines, creating a smooth & balanced rum. This Zacapa Rum is best served neat, on the rocks or in your favorite dark spirit cocktail.

Zacapa Rum is made using the first press of virgin sugar cane and aged using the Sistema Solera method, crafted by our Master Blender Lorena Vásquez. Discover the flavor of Zacapa through each of our variants.