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Trois Rivieres Ambre Rum

€ 24,98

Smaak notitie van Trois Rivieres.


The aroma has savors of warm sugar and dried flowers. After airing notes of spices arise.
Trois Rivières Rhum Ambré Agricole is mellow with flavors of honey, subtle notes of caramel, milk and toasted bread.
The finish has unmistakable fruits’ notes.


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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 40%
Stated Age 12 - 18 months
Cask Oak
Category Gold Agricole Rum 
Distillery Trois Rivieres
Country Martinique


Erik adviseert de Trois Rivieres Ambre rum in de Ti Punch rum cocktail



Trois Rivieres Rum

Trois Rivières Rhum Ambré Agricole is aged 12 to 18 months in very high-quality oak tons. These few months spent in oak gave this rum its bright color and its uncommon style: altogether refreshing, sweet and woody. It is ideal for Prohibition era cocktails.

Born over 3 centuries ago, the Trois Rivières Plantation is an integral part of Martinique’s historical heritage. Its emblematic name comes from the three rivers that border the acres of sugarcane fields: Oman, Bois d’Inde and Saint Pierre. During the 18th and 19th Centuries the plantation specializes in the production of sugar; at the beginning of the 20th Century it starts manufacturing Agricole rum that will in time become its exclusive production.