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The Lovers Rum 43

€ 45,50
The Lovers Rum 43

Smaak notitie van David Cordoba.


Our blend has an initial aroma of ripe tropical fruits, followed by a delicate flavour combining fruity, sweet and peppery notes with dryness and elegant tannins that seduce your palate, leaving you wanting more.


Levertijd  3 - 5 werkdagen.


The Lovers Rum op uw rumproeverij   



Rating: 0 sterren
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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 43%
Stated Age Not provided
Cask Not provided
Category Gold rum
Distillery Not provided
Country Panama, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Barbados


David Cordoba adviseert de The Lovers Rum lekker in de Daiquiri Rum Cocktail


The Lovers Rum


The Lovers Rum is a vibrant blend of Latin American and Caribbean rums, created by the brilliant team of ex-Bacardi ambassador David Cordoba Inspired by his grandmother, mother and sister who read Tarot cards and beverage specialist Arijit Bose!

It was made to be the perfect rum in a Daiquiri