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Boutique y Signature Blend 1 Rum

€ 29,98
Boutique y Signature Blend 1 Rum

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Levertijd  3 - 5 werkdagen.


That Boutique Rum op uw rumproeverij   



Rating: 0 sterren
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Content 0,5 liter
ABV 55,5%
Stated Age 9yo
Cask Recycled rum casks
Category Aged rum
Distillery Not provided
Country Jamaica


Erik adviseert de Boutique y Signature Blend 1 Rum gewoon "straight" of "On the Rocks". 

Neem een mooie handzame tumbler, doe daar wat ijsblokjes in (of niet natuurlijk), schenk de That Boutique y Rum Company rum erover en geniet.


That Boutique y Rum Company Rum

For The Love Of Absolutel-y Delicious-y Rum

At That Boutique-y Rum Company we’re all about delicious, unusual and honest rums, which means we adopt a no BS approach to classification.

You won’t hear us talking about dark and light rums, but you will hear us getting excited over everything from pot still rums from single distilleries to multi-column rums from multiple distilleries.

We aim to provide a total understanding of the liquid in the bottle so you can navigate and explore the category with confidence. No confusing mumbo-rumbo, just exceptional rum.

To bring you these fantastic rums from exciting distilleries, we’ve teamed up with Peter Holland from thefloatingrumshack.com, a genuine, all-round rum guy who’s helping to promote the best spirit in the world.