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Saint James Imperial Blanc Rum

€ 18,98
Saint James Imperial Blanc Rum

Smaak notitie van Marc Sassier, oenoloog van Saint James.


Clear, bright, crystalline.
Aromas of freshly-cut sugar cane, slightly peppery, spicy, floral, fruity notes.
Bold, smooth, warm attack, typical fruity aromas. Good length.


Levertijd  3 - 5 werkdagen.


Saint James Rum op uw rumproeverij   



Rating: 3 sterren
1 stem


Content 0,7 liter
ABV 40%
Stated Age Not provided
Cask Not provided
Category White Agricole Rum
Distillery Saint James
Country Martinique


Marc Sassier adviseert de Saint James Imperial Blanc Rum in de Mojito.


Saint James Rum



40% vol. | 70 cl

“A white rum combining strength with intense aromas whilst retaining a wonderfully delicate taste”
Marc Sassier, Saint James oenologist
SAINT JAMES, pure cane A.O.C Martinique rum
Since 1765 the Saint James sugar plantations have been producing rum of rare quality and are among the founders of the prestigious Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Martinique.

SAINT JAMES rum is produced by the fermentation of pure cane juice followed by distillation on Creole columns. This method, recognised as A.O.C Martinique rum, gives SAINT JAMES rums a multitude of aromas, with subtle, fruity bouquets perfectly adapted to ageing in oak casks. No sweetening agents are permitted.

What is A.O.C Martinique?

Martinique is the only French overseas department benefiting from an A.O.C. for its rum.

This appellation obtained in 1996 reflects the unique character of Martinique “agricole” rum, expressing the close link between production, terroir and generations of skill and knowledge.

To qualify for “Rhum agricole A.O.C Martinique” status, the rum must be prepared from sugar cane grown in an area authorised by the A.O.C. regulation (only 23 municipalities in Martinique). The A.O.C. recommends the period for harvesting and the sugar cane yield per hectare. Production is also regulated by the pressing of the sugar cane and the distillation method used.