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Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum

€ 3.995,00
Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum

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Levertijd  3 - 6 werkdagen.


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Content 0,5 liter
ABV 40%
Stated Age Not provided
Cask Not provided
Category Aged Rum
Distillery Santiago de Cuba
Country Cuba

Erik adviseert de Santiago de Cuba 500 Rum met sockeye zalm

Zalm eventueel licht bestrijken met mierikswortel voor een klein pittigheidje


Santiago de Cuba Rum


This rum is created and produced in the rum Industry of Santiago de Cuba. It is the work of dedicated masters of rum and workers of old rum factories in that region, who became the owners of the factories with the triumph of the Revolution. Its etymology brings out the generosity of a special micro climate for the fruit scent, typically creole, sweet and strong at the same time. It constitutes the highest expression of Cuban Rum tradition. It is unique for its authenticity and quality (scent, smoothness and taste)

It is produced and bottled in the region known as the cradle of light rum. In its range we can find products that have been created to celebrate special dates in the city, like for example, the Extra Aged Rum Santiago de Cuba, created in homage to the foundation of the villa of Santiago de Cuba. This product has been awarded with the Medal of Quality in the EXPOCARIBE /2002 and ALIMEXPO/ 2003 Commercial Fairs.