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Rumnac VSOP Rum

€ 49,95

Smaak notitie van Erik Voskamp, rum adviseur bij Rumworld.


Eiken, karamel, vijg, sinaasappel en zoete vanille.
Lekker zacht houterig fruitig, honing met citroenschil, ananas, en wat Eau de Vie ideeën.
Lekker lang zacht met vele hout tonen en vanille


Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen.


Rumnac Rum op uw rumproeverij?

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Content 0,5 liter
ABV 40%
Stated Age Not provided
Cask Not provided
Category Infused rum
Distillery Not provided
Country Caribbean

Erik adviseert de Rumnac VSOP Rum "straight" met een goede sigaar.

Sigaar tip: Royal Danish



Rumnac Rum


So How Did This Fusion Spirit Come Into Existence?

The trademark owner Jan Vistisen from Royal Danish Cigars has experimented for 2 years with double infusing rum and cognac into the new luxury cigar brand, however when infused with the individual spirits, the strong flavor from cognac constantly took over the milder aromas of the fine mellow rums, so in the end the only option was to blend the two spirits together. Many different blending formulas of rum and cognac were tried to find the perfect balance for the infusion of the cigars. He was so impressed by the aromas and flavors in the final blend that he decided to sip it…., in that moment it was clear that an absolutely amazing new hybrid spirit had been crafted. The trademarks were registered and the first official RUMNAC was introduced 6 months later at InterTabac 2018, which resulted in immediate success with 2000+ bottles pre-sold after 25 liters of #RUMNAC was served over 3 days for the international visitors to the world’s biggest tobacco fair. YES, that’s how RUMNAC ® was born and the double infused cigars……, well they are still aging in the humidor for release at a later date!