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Presidente 15YO Rum

€ 34,50
Presidente 15YO Rum

Helaas nog geen smaak notitie.


Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen.


Presidente Marti Rum op uw rumproeverij?



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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 40%
Stated Age 15yo
Cask Not provided
Category Solera Aged Rum
Distillery Oliver y Oliver
Country Dominican Republic

Oliver y Oliver adviseert de Presidente 15yo Rum gewoon "straight" of "On the Rocks"

Pak je mooiste glas en schenk deze Presidente er in, eventueel met wat ijs.



Presidente Rum
Voorheen Presidente Marti Rum


OLIVER & OLIVER is a family-owned company of Cuban origin, located in the Dominican Republic, and dedicated to the production and marketing of artisanal, high-end rums.

“Each of our premium rums differentiates itself in bouquet, presence, aroma and flavor”.

Most of our brands are produced in limited and numbered editions for our clients. Our house is characterized by the devotion and commitment we put into the confection of each and every bottle we offer our connoisseur-consumers.

Our innovative and unique triple aging process arises from an adaptation of the traditional Spanish method of soleras. We use a multiplicity of carefully selected sugarcane distillates, which are hydrated, aged, and formulated to become mother rums, the backbone of our artisanal production.

All of our rums are bottled, labeled and numbered manually by highly skilled artisans.

At least twice a year the Mother Rums that will be used for the following year are selected, with up to 75% of the corresponding hearth being extracted from the barrels