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New Grove Mauricia Heritage Pure Cane Rum

€ 39,98
New Grove Mauricia Heritage Pure Cane Rum

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Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen.


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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 45%
Stated Age Not provided
Cask Not provided
Category Aged Rum
Distillery New Grove
Country Mauritius

Erik adviseert de New Grove Mauricia Heritage Pure Cane Rum gewoon "straight" of "On the Rocks" maar is ook uitermate geschikt voor een heerlijke rum cocktail.

Pak je mooiste glas en schenk deze New Grove Rum er in, eventueel met wat ijs.



New Grove Rum


From field to glass!

The recipe for excellence.
The one that makes a 5-Star rum.
The guarantee of a truly local product, one with its origins and characteristics tightly linked with its homeland; the combination of a singular physical and biological environment with traditional know-how; and standards that define the fundamental nature of a rum: the Art and Method behind its creation!
That is the essence of really authentic rums.


To grow, harvest…

Between tradition and modernity,
Between art and advanced technology,
Between controlled know-how and the luck of time and nature.
To create… with passion and desire!
These are the values that drive our family business.
Terra, the Group, cultivates sugar cane and manages the estate.
Grays, first distillery of the island, founded in 1838,
and the Mauritian leader of alcohol and spirits.
New Grove, the 5-Star rum brand of Mauritius.


…age, shape and assemble.

The year 2003 is when the first NEW GROVE rums saw the light of day.
Finally ready to be shared…
The outcome of a work of many years, carried out by choice and by requirement.
Savouring a New Grove rum is an invitation to travel into the heart of Mauritius…