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Magua Ron Miel

€ 12,50
Magua Ron Miel

Smaak notitie van Erik Voskamp, rum adviseur bij Rumworld


De neus is erg zoet, aangenaam met veel honing. De smaak is verrassend zacht en licht met veel honing, romig met lichte kruiden en drinkt erg soepel. De afdronk is heerlijk zoet met honing en blijft lekker lang hangen.


Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen.


Magua honing Rum op uw rumproeverij?

Rating: 5 sterren
1 stem


Content 0,7 liter
ABV 23%
Stated Age Unaged
Cask Not provided
Category Rum liqueur
Distillery Teichenne +?
Country Spain / Dominican Republic

Erik adviseert de Magua Ron Miel in een tumbler met veel ijs.

Veel ijs en dan overgieten met de Magua Ron Miel. De honing komt er dan goed uit en het wordt iets stroperiger.



Magua Rum

Ooit in Spanje en/of haar Canarische Eilanden geweest? Dan heb je vast wel eens Ron Miel (honing rum) gedronken.
Magua Ron Miel is één van de merken die Teichenne in haar portfolio heeft. Het bijzondere van de honing rum is dat de rum uit de Dominicaanse Republiek komt, en dus niet uit Spanje.


Teichenne Distillery

Teichenné, S.A. is a family business dedicated to the production of liqueurs and derivatives. It was founded in 1956 by the grandfather of the current manager, Marc Teichenné. In those days, the production was totally handcrafted and very limited, sales were limited to the nearest regions. It was not until the 70s, when Teichenné S.A. expanded, just as Joan Teichenné replaced his father. The challenge was to create a wide range of products with great attention to product presentation and to offering the best quality. This is how positioning in the Spanish market began, and the “Boom” took place when Teichenné introduced their well-known “Schnapps” into the market, sweet fruit liqueurs of medium alcohol content which represented a novelty at the end of the 80s, and which in turn opened the doors to exports, which have been growing arithmetically ever since. This constant growth in production meant that the factory in L’Arboç (the birthplace of the Teichenné family) became too small, and it was in 1993 that new facilities were built in Bellvei del Penedès. All this made it possible for Teichenné to nowadays have a catalogue of more than 400 products and to be exporting to more than 35 countries. We are currently clearly committed to the cocktail sector and to supporting bartenders.