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Cane Island Single Origin Barbados Rum

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Smaak notitie van Cane Island Rum.


Dark amber colour. A rich and woody taste with hints of tobacco. Rum with body but not too heavy. A warm palate with pleasant notes of vanilla and deep oak, followed by a very gentle finish.


Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen.


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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 40%
Stated Age 3 - 8yo
Cask American White Oak
Category Aged Rum
Distillery Foursquare Rum Distillery & West Indies Rum Distillery
Country Barbados

Erik adviseert de Cane Island Single Origin Barbados Rum gewoon "straight" of "On the Rocks"

Pak je mooiste glas, doe er wat ijs in (of niet natuurlijk)
Schenk je Cane Island er over, even laten ademen en geniet!


Cane Island Rum

The rum selection of Cane Island Rum consists of three Single Island Blends and three Single Estate Rums. The Single Island Blends are blends of rum coming from different distilleries from one island. The Single Estate Rums are sourced from one single distillery. And more to come!


All rums in our portfolio have been tropically aged for several years in wooden casks. Tropical ageing is three times more intense than ageing in colder climates, because the heat of the Caribbean intensifies the interaction between the rum and the wood.


This authentic ageing process results in beautiful aged rums