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Chairman's Reserve Legacy Rum

€ 29,98
Chairman's Reserve Legacy Rum

Smaak notitie van de Chairman.

Mahogany hue in the glass. Pineapple, banana, and vanilla on the nose. Intense grilled tropical fruit and spice on the palate persist throughout a long wonderful finish.


Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen.


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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 40%
Stated Age 5 - 8yo
Cask Bourbon casks
Category Aged Rum
Distillery Saint Lucia Distillers
Country Saint Lucia

Erik adviseert de Chairman's Reserve Legacy met ijs of gewoon puur.

Neem je mooiste glas, doe daar wat ijs in ( of juist niet natuurlijk )
Schenk de Chairman's Reserve Rum er bij in, even laten rusten en geniet!



Chairman’s Legacy is a tribute to Laurie Barnard, the “Chairman” of St. Lucia Distillers whom inspired and created the iconic brand Chairman’s Reserve. His vision to define and reinvent the Saint Lucian rum category was unlike anything the rum category had seen before or has seen since.

While other distilleries were purchasing column
stills to increase production, Laurie was investing in eclectic barrel types, small pot stills, a proprietary yeast strain, and sugarcane. He believed that the best rum was not achieved
from one barrel, but by blending different components together of different ages, finishes, styles, and base materials.

Chairman's Legacy showcases the art of
blending pot and column still rums. In addition to
traditional molasses based rums, “Legacy” features the addition of sugarcane juice distillate, a trademark of Laurie since the day he grew sugarcane around the distillery to isolate the signature proprietary yeast Chairman's Reserve is
so famous for.

Tropically aged separately by batch and still type in ex-bourbon barrels.

A blend of rums aged between five and eight