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Arecha Anejo Reserva Rum

€ 26,98
Arecha Anejo Reserva Rum

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Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen.


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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 38%
Stated Age Up 10yo
Cask California Oak
Category Aged rum
Distillery Havana
Country Cuba

Erik adviseert de Arecha Anejo Reserva Rum in de Cuba Libre rum cocktail



Arecha Rum


The Ron Arecha Añejo Reserva is a brown premium rum which is stored for approx. 10 years in oak barrels and which has matured to its completion.

It is a nice strong bronze rum, which is mature and mild in taste.

Thanks to the high quality and long maturing time, this rum is perfect for
drinking on its own and in tall drinks

Only authentic with guarantee seal Original Cuban rum

The green Cuban guarantee seal on rum bottles signifies the authenticity of the Cuban rum in the bottle. This seal is awarded by the Cuban Government, guaranteeing the manufacture of the product in Cuba and safeguarding against counterfeiting.