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1914 Edicion Gatun Anejado Interoceanico Rum

€ 59,95
1914 Edicion Gatun Anejado Interoceanico Rum

Smaak notitie van de producent.

A hint of orange and ginger at the beginning that are followed by a mild sweetness and a nuance of chocolate and caramel. Because of the lightly higher alcoholic content of 41,3% for the usual Spanish style rum, Ron 1914 offers more character than comparable sipping rums from Central America.

Aftertaste: long lasting retro nasal effect that transforms into a light spicy note that reminds of ginger and pepper.


Levertijd  3 - 5 werkdagen.


1914 Rum op uw rumproeverij   



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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 41,3%
Stated Age 15 - 22yo
Cask Bourbon casks
Category Aged rum
Distillery CLN
Country Panama


Erik adviseert de 1914 Edicion Gatun Anejado Interoceanico Rum gewoon "Straight" of "On the Rocks"

Doe gewoon wat ijsblokjes in je glas, schenk de 1914 rum er bij, even laten ademen en geniet!



About 1914 Rum


A new spirit from Panama is perfecting the enjoyment of a „Spanish-style“ aged rum: Ron 1914.


Ron 1914 symbolically stands for the fusion of past and future and was founded by the Rum of Panama Corp. and is a homage to Panama and the interoceanic passage. 


Central America is worldwide famous for producing incredibly smooth rums through a long aging process that seduce their consumers with a characteristic sweetness. Panama has been famous as a rum-producing nation for a long time and is home of world-known brands.


With our Ron 1914 we carry on this tradition and place special attention to the Panamanian culture and landscape.


With up to 22 years of ageing, this rum is the premium product of the manufacturer, who has integrated many details about Panama in the visual design of the product.


The typical sweetness of “Spanish-style” rums is relatively mild with Ron 1914, which helps to highlight elegant notes of chocolate and fruit. It also has a seductive silky finish with a long lasting retro nasal effect.


Ron 1914 is a rum produced in Panama. Distilled in the province of Herrera and bottled at the facilities of CLN in Panama City.


Ron 1914 stands for tropical ambiance, paired with a hint of glamour from the world economy and a note of maritime wanderlust. Rum tradition meets the ravages of time within this bottle, never forgetting the past and always looking forward into the future.