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Nusa Cana Spiced Rum

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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 40%
Stated Age Not Provided
Cask Jati (teak) barrels
Category Spiced rum
Distillery Not Provided
Country Indonesia

Erik adviseert de Nusa Cana Spiced rum in de Cuba Libre rum cocktail.



Nusa Cana Rum


The Spice Islands of Indonesia are the original source of nutmeg and clove. Fresh. Not dried. Flavorful. Valuable. Exotic. Prestigious. The influence and reach of Indonesia’s ‘Spice Islands’ changed the global culinary landscape forever. Nutmeg & clove travelled by sea and Silk Road into kitchens, galleys, taverns & bars. Flavoring spirits, punches, cocktails and mixed drinks. Over time, the islands of Indonesia gave spice to the world.

Nusa Caña Spiced rum draws on Indonesia’s heritage of nutmeg, clove and exotic tastes in its blend of 6 all natural spices and flavors.
Ginger, coffee & cacao are wrapped up in the sweetness of pineapple, finished with the exotic warmth of nutmeg and clove.

The only rum inspired by the ‘Spice Islands’ of Indonesia.
Perfect in long drinks, cocktails, punches and parties