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A. H. Riise Non Plus Ultra Black Edition Rum

€ 97,50

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Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen.


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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 42%
Stated Age Not provided
Cask Oak
Category Aged rum
Distillery Not provided
Country Denmark

Erik adviseert de A. H. Riise Non Plus Ultra Black Edition Rum met ijs.

Pak je mooiste glas, veel ijs er in en dan de AH Riise rum erbij doen en geniet!



A.H. Riise Rum


In June, 1838, the Danish Government officially appointed Albert Heinrich Riise as the exclusive pharmacist for the island and granted him monopoly status to produce alcohol.

Riise began the manufacture of rum on the island of St. Thomas in the former Danish – West Indies, (now U.S. Virgin Island) and he invented the first Distilled Bay Rum. A.H. Riise Rum - AH Riise Rum