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Queen's Dark Rum

€ 32,50

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Levertijd 2 - 7 werkdagen. 


Queen's Rum op uw thuis rumproeverij?


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Content 0,5 liter
ABV 40%
Stated Age Up 5YO
Cask Oak barrels
Category Aged Rum
Distillery Not provided
Country Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama.


Erik adviseert de Queen's Dark Rum "straight" of "On the Rocks".

Doe wat ijsblokjes (of niet natuurlijk) giet de Queens Rum erbij, even laten ademen en geniet!



A stoneware rum bottle. Derived straight from the earth, clay is fired at 1200 degrees Celsius to turn into ceramic and is one of the world’s pure, natural materials. It holds it’s great reputation due to it’s top quality and authenticity.
When consumed, it’s lifecycle can be extended by re-using it as interior design or other usage.

The label design on the bottle is based off of the Queen family crest.



Even though very personal, as rum has the natural ability to adapt to any moment, we encourage you to drink it pure, neat.
Drink it at room temperature, preferably without ice.
Poor 3 to 6 cl in a wide glass and let it take you on a whorl of taste sensation.
Put the glass in the palm of your hand and gently circle it around. This way no air is being added to the rum, the texture stays intact and the aromas spread through the whole glass. Don’t put your nose fully in the glass, let it linger a bit and finally take a sip.