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Chantal Comte Cuvee Caribaea Rum

€ 85,00
Chantal Comte Cuvee Caribaea Rum

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EYE: Transparent. Pure white, with nice viscosity. 

NOSE: Exceptional, fresh, mature sugar cane bouquet. The distinct aroma of the Maison La Mauny terroir. An opulent and generous nose. 

MOUTH: Lovely fullness, and rich velvety texture, with nice sweetness: sugar cane, cotton candy, and fresh almond milk. We feel like the butterflies on the label, delicately nibbling cane sugar. 


Levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen.


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Content 0,7 liter
ABV 50%
Stated Age 1YO
Cask Tank
Category White Agricole Rum
Distillery La Mauny
Country Martinique

Erik adviseert de Chantal Comte Cuvee Caribaea Rum in een Ti Punch rum cocktail


Chantal Comte Cuvee Caribaea Rum


ORIGIN: Selected and bottled by Chantal Comte in the cellars of Maison La Mauny, 97211 Rivière-Pilote, Martinique. 

TRACEABILITY: This cuvée of white rum comes from tank 313 of the cellars of the La Mauny distillery. 
- Year of distillation: 2020 
- Bottled: May 2021. 
From this cuvée, come 2,500 bottles, numbered from 0001 to 2500. 

PACKAGING: Oslo bottle with natural headed cork and tin cap, with tear strip. Packed in an engraved single wooden box. Label illustrated with an original drawing by Cyril Girard, a scientific researcher, and naturalist painter. 

GOES WELL WITH: French Caribbean cuisine (codfish fritters, creole black pudding, sea urchin, Ti’punch cocktails), all smoked fish, bottarga, and even caviar! Also enjoy it with pineapple carpaccio.

We continue to support Caribbean biodiversity and to contribute to the university education of future local naturalists, with our Cuvée Caribaea rum. For each bottle of cuvée Caribaea you buy, we contribute to the Caribaea Initiative association (www.caribaea.org). The Caribaea Initiative logo on the back label represents our commitment to this noble cause.

Chantal Comte Cuvee Caribaea Rum