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cacique Rum

Established: 1959
Location: Venezuela
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Cacique is a Venezuelan brand of rum first marketed in 1959. It is the second best-selling rum in Venezuela, after as Santa Teresa. The Cacique product lines are owned by Diageo, the largest multinational beer, wine and spirits company in the world. The word "cacique" (a loan from Taíno or Arawak languages) means "chief of the tribe" in Spanish.

It comes in several varieties, starting with the simplest Cacique Origen and then moving up to the Cacique 500. The most expensive is the Cacique Antiguo.

Cacique 500 20th Anniversary Rum

Cacique 500 Rum

Cacique Anejo Rum

Cacique Antiguo Rum

Cacique Blanco Rum

Cacique Futbol Blue Rum

Cacique Futbol Red Rum

Cacique Mojito Rum

Cacique Origin Rum

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