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Rum Consultancy

Do you need a (new) cocktail card?
Rum listing in your HORECA business or liquor store?
The right Rum in your kitchen for the tastiest dishes?
The right Rum for your ice cream preparation or chocolates?
Innovative Rum concepts?
A focused Rum or Rum cocktail training?
Or something completely different?


Maybe you want to import Rum but do not know how, what, where and what?
Or do you want a private label (own brand) Rum?
Perhaps your own distillery?


Maybe you just want to expand your portfolio with cheap or exclusive Rum?

Or are you just looking for bulk Rum?


Feel free to ask Rumworld. Together with our worldwide network of various Rum and Beverage specialists, we encourage, guide, train and support your employees in all sorts of areas.


You see, we are ready for you in every area of Rum. 

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us without obligation.