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The strong character Boddel Rum is created on the basis of a sunny Jamaica rum blend and comes from Flensburg’s oldest rum house with 200 years of tradition.

The dark, mahogany-colored rum has a typical aroma for pure, exclusive enjoyment. It brings nuances of strong and rich rum notes with it. The taste of the rum surprises with mild tassel typical notes and 40% vol. Alcohol content. Selected original Jamaica rum that has been stored for many years and is therefore fully matured gives Boddel 40 its mild and delicate taste. B

oddel is a blend of Jamaica rum of the highest quality. This popular rum is suitable for mixing cocktails and long drinks as well as for pure enjoyment. Popular with connoisseurs and valued as a digestif, the fine aroma of the characterful rum unfolds particularly well at room temperature.

The mild taste of Boddel Rum can be combined in many ways with other flavors to create unique taste experiences.

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Boddel 40 Rum

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