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Legend has it that in Panama there are 7 little demons, friends of a lifetime and lovers of adventure. They are all artists and love rum. They are astute, nice, funny, sometimes even naive and distracted, but in their eyes you can always notice that pinch of malice. They have a lively, exalted tone and a cunning smile. They walk with a quick but light gait. It seems they have no thoughts. Their job is to guard, advise and defend the best rum in circulation: The Demon’s Share.

They love sport, in particular parkour and everything related to street life, they feel at home among graffiti and colored walls on which to climb, and express themselves best when they can give vent to their creativity. They are also eco-friendly and they love traveling around the world.

They frequent the surroundings of the Canal where you can breathe an “urban” air, young and flavored, that tastes of orange and vanilla. They move with carefree between the various locks, docks and bays in the surroundings and often hunt in situations that make it difficult to get out even if their goals are usually noble (for example the defense of The Demon’s Share).

In this sort of “urban village” the most significant demons are:

  • Alvaro, the Demon Traveler: he is an exhibitionist, always traveling around the world
  • Daniel, the Demon Master: he is the wisest worker amongst them all
  • Gaspar, the Demon Artist: he is an art lover, who gets lost in his thoughts when inspired
  • Leonor, the Demon Chef: she always has a creative recipe for her mind
  • Pablo, the Demon Rapper: he is always ready to answer you in kind
  • Rodrigo, the Demon Joker: he loves involving his followers with memes and riddles
  • Victor, the Demon Barman: he gets very busy in the evenings working as a bartender

Carefree but 100% present when it comes to their work. In the evening you can find them around clubs or taking care of their favorite rum. In addition to guarding it from the clutches of the angels, you can find them among the streets of Panama, sitting and drinking together, because as true connoisseurs they aspire at best, or around the world to spread their arts.

Nevertheless the Demons’ mission is to make the lives of those they meet more “bubbly”, “sparkling” and “glittery”.

Though irresistible to the Angels, this is The Demon’s Share!

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