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KRONAN Rum Liqueur, also known as the Swedish Punsch, is a Rum liqueur of two histories – a national drink in Sweden for over 287 years, and a part of numerous classic cocktails since the end of the 19th century.

When Henrik Facile began his journey in 1993 to revive the traditional Swedish Kronan Rum Punsch, the main focus was on how to make it international quality. A product that could find its place among other classic premium spirits from all over the world. The first step was to use the Batavia Arrack in the base.

The basis of all Swedish Punsch is the Indonesian double pot-stilled “rum” based on sugar cane molasses distillate first made famous by Dutch merchants who colonized the harbor of Batavia (also known as Jakarta) on the island of Java in the 17th century: Batavia Arrack.

Referred to as “the world’s first luxury drink” by famed American author, David Wondrich, for its dual distillation of much better quality than Caribbean rum. You could also call it East Indian Rum. It has sharp, almost savory flavors reminiscent of traditional rums (Jamaica in particular), but there are distinctive nuances that come from a small portion of red rice used in the fermentation and distillation practice that originated in China.

KRONAN Premium Swedish Punsch combines the best of both hemispheres: Batavia Arrack and Demerara and Jamaica rum. The result is a rum liqueur of remarkable depth and complexity that is both delicious in cocktails and on its own, a mixologist’s secret weapon.

Our goal is to show the world that this unique, 286-year-old classic tradition has its place in every bar to give any creative mixologist, whether professional or amateurs, a great tool to work with. Its use is of course not only limited to drinks, but also to use in baking, desserts, chocolates, with a good cigar etc…. the list goes on and on.

We hope our customers find opportunities to enjoy KRONAN in their own way!

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