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Anne (Red) Bonny (Rum):

a red-headed free spirit,a woman who lived for adventure danger and excitement. A pirate. Husbands and lovers came and went. But the sea stayed, and called to her. She roamed the Caribbean, hiding out in Jamaica and Cuba, fighting, carousing and plundering alongside men, as an equal.

Time and again, just as her luck seemed to about run out, she would manage to get away. Some said this was the influence of her weary father, a rich and powerful merchant. Others said that she could sweet-talk her way past any captor.

Anne lived as she wished, escaping one last time to South Carolina, where she lived out her days in peace – although, it is said, never truly free of the call of the sea and the lure of the tides…

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Red Bonny Dark Rum

Red Bonny Dark Rum

Distillery: Demerara Distillers

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