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Established: 1995
Location: Maui Hawaii, USA
Website: Sammy's Beach Bar
Visiting: Tour
Facebook: Sammys Beach Bar Rum
Twitter: @SammysRum
Instagram: sammysbeachbarrum

When I first met our master distiller and he said he could make a rum that captured the essence of Hawaii, I challenged him to the task. He captured the essence by using Maui Gold sugar cane, grown upcountry near the distillery. To develop the most flavorful cane juice, the cane remains in the pristine Maui soil a year longer than is typical. A unique distillation process enhances the taste; distilling and filtering the rum only once retains its Hawaiian character.When you first smell and taste my Beach Bar Rum, you will see why I wanted to share it with my fans and rum lovers everywhere. It is truly “The Spirit of Aloha”.

– Sammy Hagar

Surprisingly Sammy Hagar loves this Rum