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Established: Unknown
Location: Riviera Beach, USA
Website: Black Coral
Visiting: Unknown
Facebook: Blackcoralfl
Twitter: Unknown
Instagram: blackcoralrum

Our Black Coral Spiced Rum is carefully flavored using all natural ingredients, if it doesn’t grow in the ground it’s not in our rum. Our rum and these spices infuse to create a profile with an amazingly complex aroma and flavor. Not too sweet, and not too dry.

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico as well as being in close proximity to the Caribbean, Florida has seen its share of rum running in its past history. So it is no surprise that Black Coral Rum has been running the show for years! Our list of awards is more than we can fill on our website but the biggest awards is you! Every time you open a bottle of our rum we already know that we have won your heart by continuing to enjoy such a fine beverage.