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Established: 1888
Location: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Website: Rum Brugal
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Twitter: @RonBrugalRD
Instagram: casabrugal

Our founder Don Andres Brugal was born in 1849 in Sitges, Spain. After emigrating to Cuba, he moved to Puerto Plata to create the Brugal company in 1888. His Entrepre-neurial Spirit and one vision was to create only the finest rum. Expertise and rum craft-ing skills were transmitted to his family and passed down through the generations. Cur-rently our rum is crafted by 4th and 5th generation Maestros Roneros.

The Process:
Raw Material:
* Molasses is a dark colored liquor, sweet and viscous, with a 50% - 65% of fermentable sugars .
* It constitutes our main raw material to produce our ethylic alcohol.

* In this first stage, the molasses is dissolved in filtered water and mixed with a solution of yeast (*)fermenting the molasses and thus producing a wine which contains 8% to 10% of alcohol.

* The wine coming from the fermentation enters a vacuum distillation column (or burner) where the “vinasse” (vinaza) and an alcohol of low-grade (flema) are separated. This flema is diluted with water and enters a second rectifying column, where a clean alcohol of 95º GL is got.
* The total production capacity is of 75.000 L of alcohol / day.
* Alcohol at 95 ° is transported from the distillery of San Pedro de Macoris to the Puerto Plata facilities.

* The alcohol is diluted to 65º, alcohol considered ideal to start the aging process.
* The water comes from springs in the mountains of Puerto Plata.
* Purifying water treatments are carried out to prevent the water influences on the organoleptic characteristics of our alcohol.

* We have 250.000 barrels in Puerto Plata. The Majority American Oak, but we use also Spanish Oak that previously held Sherry wine

* It is a key stage in the art of crafting rum.
* The Master Blenders perform the optimum “marrying” to produce the desired and distinctive Brugal rum profile.

Pavol Kazimir
    Brand Ambassador Brugal