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Established: 1980
Location: Tananarive, Madagascar
Website: Dzama International
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Facebook: RhumsDzamaOfficiel
Twitter: Unknown
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Production Notes 

Barrels — the barrels come from the Chivas Brothers Distillery. they may be oak of Spanish or American origin, and French limousin oak is used for some of their aged rums, the multiplicity of barrel origins adds complexity to the resulting rums.

Barrel Washing — in the case of the white rums, use of water laden with citrus fruits neutralizes the stronger flavors of the whiskey that has been emptied out to make room for the rum. this imparts subsequent citrus aromas and acidity to the whites.

Distillation — column still.

Additives — no artificial ingredients at all.

Bottling Lines — three; prestige and nosy be are bottled separately from the classic.

Water Filtration — five times — sand filter to remove impurities, solids; carbon to remove odors; cathanion to remove chemicals; cartouche to remove minerals; ultraviolet to kill germs.

Quality Control — meticulous. masks worn by everyone who enters the bottling plant. walls painted twice a year to avoid accumulation of mold, mildew. Hand inspection.