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Established: Unknown
Location: Holguin, Cuba
Website: Tecno Azucar
Visiting: Unknown
Facebook: Ron Mulata
Twitter: Unknown
Instagram: ronmulataUK

Ron Mulata is one of the most popular and top selling rums in its home country of Cuba… and Cuba knows all about rum. 

Only 20 years old, Mulata is one of the latest rums to be produced by Tecnoazucar, that supplies 90% of all Cuban rum. Their Maestro Roneros (master distillers) whose skills have been passed down through many generations, use acquavite, derived from only the best Cuban sugar cane syrup as a raw material and then the rum is matured in 180 litre American oak barrels – a process that gives Mulata a unique bouquet and light, quality flavour.

Mulata 15YO Rum

Mulata 7YO Rum

Mulata 5YO Rum

Mulata 3YO Rum

Mulata Anejo Rum

Mulata Blanco Rum

Mulata Eliser Rum

Mulata Elixer Rum

Mulata Reserva Rum

Mulata Silver Rum