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Nuqliquor Rum

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Country Caribbean
Category Rum Liqueur
Style Spanish Style
Strength 25%
Cask Type
Stated Age
Bottler Herman Jansen
Updated 25-03-2019
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Tasting notes
Notes by Erik Voskamp, the Dutch Rum Ambassador

The rose water comes up immediately with some citrus reight there after.
Slightly afterwards  undertones of both molasses rum and agricole Rum, very special but nice

Deliciously soft sweet but supple and mouth-filling with flavors of rose water, pear, vanilla, citrus fruit and old-fashioned sweet candy, some raspberry in the distance.

Medium, sweet, sultry and full of rose water

Drink Suggestion:
Mearvin (the owner of Nuqliqor) suggests a Nuqtonic rum cocktail

Nuqtonic Rum Cocktail recipe

Half a lemon
35ML Nuqliqor
Fill up with ice
Top off with tonic
Garnish lemon wheel

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