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Established: Unknown
Location: Kelso, USA
Website: Prichards Distillery                                                                Visiting: Tour
Facebook: Prichards
Twitter: @Prichardspirits
Instagram: prichardspirits

When you taste Prichard's Fine Rum or our premium whiskey, you'll immediately be able to distinguish our product from the large batch, mass produced products that line the store shelves. Prichard's Distillery hand crafts their American distilled spirits in small batches. Our quality rums and whiskeys are distilled in copper pots and stored in 15 gallon white oak barrels to allow for the best possible flavor.

Prichard's Cranberry Rum

Prichard's Crystal Rum

Prichard's Fine Aged Rum

Prichard's Key Lime Rum

Prichard's Peach Mango Rum

Prichard's Private Stock Rum

Prichard's Spiced Rum

Prichard's Sweet Georgia Belle Rum