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Established: Unknown
Location: Charleston, USA
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To prepare for a face off, the iron men in their wooden ships found both revival and salvation in Pusser’s Rum, as well as companionship for downtime reverie. From the earliest days of the Royal Navy, these foolhardy brave hearts were issued a daily ration or “tot” of rum by the ship’s “Purser,” a word the sailors later coined as “Pusser.”

This rum tradition rewarded heroism and eased defeat from 1655 until 1970 when some of the higher-ups decided rum was having too much fun with the sailing men.  Blame it on the above deck skirmishes or the below deck antics, or simply sea legs getting the better of the jolly Jack Tars.  We like to think the Royal Navy just wanted to keep the sea’s best kept secret — and best tasting one — to themselves.

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