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Established: 2009
Location: Rincon, Bonaire
Website: Cadushy
Visiting: Tour
Facebook: Cadushy Distillery 
Twitter:  @Cadushy
Instagram: Unknown

Rum from Bonaire? Yes, Eric Gietman a Dutchman, was a couple of years ago on his honeymoon (with his wife ofcourse) to Bonaire and they liked it so much that they stayed there (after a few years orientation and holidays)

They have bought a beautiful old empty partycenter with a large theater, antique house, beautiful large garden and various outbuildings. They started with some herbs to make liqueurs that are very popular on Bonaire (and beyond) and now also a delicious Spiced Rum from which the molasses comes from Suriname.

If you are on Bonaire or go there again, feel free to take a look, Eric and Jolande like to lead you around and let you taste the tastiest liqueurs and drinks.


Left Clubrum 2018 Amsterdam

Rechts Clubrum 2017 Amsterdam

Rom Rincon Private Reserve Rum

Rom Rincon Spiced Rum