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Established: 1945
Location: Willemstad, Curacao
Website: San Pablo NL
Visiting: Unknown
Facebook: RumSanPabloNL
Twitter: Unknown
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According to Jonckheer, no more than seven people know the formula of San Pablo rum. When asked about the ingredients, he only said that it was made with alcohol distilled from South American sugar cane.

"We were told by a Bacardi agent who, because they can not compete with us on the local market, sent a bottle of San Pablo to Puerto Rico to analyze it," The answer that she got is that it is one of the purest rum they have ever seen.

He added: "It's not like Cruzan Rum, it's not like Don Q. We're one of the few Caribbean rum you can drink with or without ice, I do not know any Puerto Rican rum (comparable price), where you can do that. "

For years, San Pablo's sales were mainly limited to locals and tourists. But now they are conquering the world, starting in Miami and the Netherlands


Left Esmé from San Pablo NL

Middle Erik Voskamp from Rumworld

Right Jiri from San Pablo NL


Rumworld booth at Club Rum 2017