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Established: 2017
Location: Panama City, Panama
Website: Tank Rum
Visiting: Unknown
Facebook: DrinkTankRum
Twitter: @TankRum
Instagram: Unknown

Dive Into Adventure

Descending beneath the ocean surface is a unique adventure. You never know what you’re going to see, be it spectacular sea creatures or endless stretches of candy-colored coral. The deeper you submerge into the serene world below, the further you get from your hectic life on land. When you return to shore, dive into this refreshing rum inspired by the ocean depths. Leave your cares behind and share the rum, and your stories, with friends.

The Brand

Tank Rum is the latest product offering from Drink Tank — a company built by, and for, scuba divers, outdoor adventurers, and water sports enthusiasts. Tank Rum follows the success of the TankH2O stainless-steel water bottle, the top-selling scuba product on Amazon.com and the dive industry’s Product of the Year.