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The Devil's Own Wicked Rum

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Country USA
Category Overproof Rum
Style Spanish Style
Strength 77,5%
Cask Type
Stated Age
Distillery Stillwagon Distillery
Bottler Stillwagon
Updated 27-10-2018
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Tasting notes:

Notes by Erik Voskamp, the Dutch Rum Ambassador.

The aroma comes to you like a warmth with a lot of sugar cane with immediately after that vanilla sugar and freshly baked waffles.
Tastes like an Overproof Rum should be, spicy, warm with lots of sugar cane, molasses and in the distance some coconut.
Delicious long finish, bit buttery and sugar cane.

Drink Suggestion:

Erik suggests a Zombie Rum Cocktail

Zombie Rum Cocktail recipe (and pic) by Bart from Cocktailicious and a little by Erik:


  • 30 ml Devil"s Own White Rum
  • 30 ml Devil"s Own Gold Rum
  • 2 bsp Absinth
  • 2 bsp Maraschino
  • 60 ml Pineapple juice
  • 1/2 fresh pressed orange juice
  • 1/2 fresh pressed lime juice
  • 1 drop grenadine
  • Splash Devil's Own Wicked Rum


Use a shaker with ice. Start with 60 ml pineapple juice and the juice of fresh orange and lime. Now add 30 ml Devil's Own White Rum and 30 ml Devil's Own Gold Rum Then 2 barspoons of maraschino, 1 drop of grenadine and last 2 barspoons absinth. Shake for a while and pour into ice with a chilled hurricane glass or a cool tiki glass without strainer.

Add gently the Devil's Own Wicked Rum and set on fire.


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