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Established: 1933
Location: Tamborine Mountain, Australia
Website: Tamborine Mountain Distillery
Visiting: Bar
Facebook: TamborineMtnDistillery
Twitter: Unknown
Instagram: tamborinemountaindistillery

Imagine a place nestled atop a beautiful mountain, set against a backdrop of lush sub-tropical rainforest.
Imagine sampling a range of mouth-watering Liqueurs and Spirits that take your taste buds on a memorable journey.
Imagine a place that can take you on a journey back in time to experience the real world of Elizabethan or Tudor England.
There is such a place and it is called Tamborine Mountain Distillery, a place where true old-world charm and history co-exists.
So why not allow your palate to be tantalised with your favourite tipple from one of the eighty or so Liqueurs and Spirits, or dare to challenge with new flavours.