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Established: 2010
Location: Oregon, USA
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Facebook: Warshiprum
Twitter:  @OBGSpirits
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We have a simple goal with our Rum: to establish an ultra premium brand in the rum category. This category is controlled by a few large brands -  large brands mean big operations, big focus on cases and production not so much on quality.  Our focus is to offer small batch, hand bottled premium rum that is unique in taste for the consumer, good to the planet, pays people fairly, and fits into the craft spirit category.  Our rum offers consumers something more, something unique, something that changes the rules of the game - in a quality, ultra premium brand.That is why our rum is non-GMO, organically grown, and fair trade rum made with a black strap molasses base in small batches that are hand bottled, stamped, labeled, and packed by my Dad, Pierre, and me . As the spirit category gets more sophisticated, consumers are looking for craft brands that have a story to tell  - to connect with a face or a person or a story that means something.  In the end our story reflects true craftsmanship, passion for making rum , outstanding packaging, attention to detail in every bottle made, and most importantly a bold, rich taste that consumers love.  Join the #Rumolution.