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Established: 1966
Location: Cuenca, Ecuador
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Zhumir is an Ecuadorian brand, which is located in the city of Cuenca and the company that it is represented by Azende Corporation S.A.

Known in the 1960s as "Distiller Beach", Zhumir was legally established in 1966 under the management of Eduardo Crespo Malo and in 1982 the name of the company "Distiller Zhumir Cia. Ltda." So back to the roots of their name: Zhumir,

At first it was a small factory with a modest production.
It is now one of Ecuador's largest and most famous cabarets.

The Zhumir brand today exports to various countries such as the United States (New York, Texas), Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara), Panama, Costa Rica, Nassau, Colombia (Bogota and Medellin), Peru (Lima), Angola and China (Shanghai)

Zhumir is for people with a young mind, active, self-assured and independent. Zhumir moves in the environment of music and entertainment

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