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Cadenheads Rum

Cadenheads Rum. It all Started in Aberdeen, 1842
The firm of William Cadenhead Limited, Wine and Spirit Merchants, was founded in 1842 and was in the ownership of the same family until it was taken over by the well known Campbeltown firm of J & A Mitchell & Co. Ltd who own Springbank Distillery. The premises were in Netherkirkgate in Aberdeen and although the street numbers were changed from time to time the premises were the same and indeed were almost unaltered during their 130 years of trading in Aberdeen.

A Vintner… a Poet… and a Thread Merchant!?
It was at what subsequently became number 47 that Mr. George Duncan established himself as a Vinter and as a distillery agent. There business prospered and in a little over ten years he was joined by his brother-in-law Mr William Cadenhead. (thats why Cadenheads Rum)

Cadenhead acquired the business in 1858 and, as was common at the time, he changed the trading name to that of his own. While not a lot is known about Duncan, there is a great deal more on the record about Mr William Cadenhead. Not because of his distinction as a vintner but because he was, throughout the Victorian era, a local poet of renown. Cadenhead, the son of a veneer sawyer, was born in 1819. He began work at an early age in a small thread factory belonging to a well-known citizen called “Jonny” Garrow. Garrow thought so highly of young Cadenhead that when he gave up the business in Aberdeen to join a firm in Liverpool he arranged for Cadenhead to join him there.




WM Cadenhead

WM Cadenhead Ltd