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Cocal Honing Rum

Ron miel Cocal is the combination of our best rums with a select honey that results in an exotic and unrepeatable drink, amber in color with old gold rims, very complex on the nose; high intensity with notes of holy reeds, florals and citrus.

Ronmiel is also usually combined with the mythical Piña Colada , a combination in which the aromas of honey and coconut are mixed, giving a special flavor to the rum.

For the more daring, there is a more explosive and different combination, you will only need the Ronmiel, whipped cream and cinnamon , fill approximately 2/3 of the glass of honey rum and complete it with whipped cream. The grenadine also complements very well with Ronmiel, without forgetting the classic mojito. If you like the flavor of the mojito, try making it with Ronmiel, however, you don't need to add as much sugar as in the conventional one, since the honey gives it the necessary sweetness to combine it with the lime juice and the mint leaves.

Cocal Honingrum, nu dus ook heel gewoon bij Rumworld.nl

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