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Hampden Estate Rum

Op verzoek kunnen wij ook de Hampden Estate Gold leveren.


Hampden Estate is one of the oldest sugar estates in Jamaica.
Renowned throughout the world for its full, intensely flavorful pot still rums, Hampden Estate continues today to be the quintessential heavy pot still rum of choice.

The Beginning

The earliest survey of Hampden was in 1684 by the surveyor, Mr. Thomas Goddard. Formalized in 1743, Hampden operated as a large sugar plantation circa 1753 under the ownership of Mr. Archibald Stirling of Scotland.

Hampden Great House

In 1779 Mr. Sterling built the Hampden Great House of which the ground floor served as a rum store until the early 1900s.

New Ownership

Post 1827 the estate came into the ownership of D.O. Kelly-Lawson who became Custos of St. James in 1875 and Justice Of The Peace of Trelawny.
His daughter Ena Kelly-Lawson married a Mr. Farquharson, which on her death, inherited Hampden. The estate which is set within the famed “Queen of Spain Valley” consists of approximately 3500 acres.

Hampden Wharf
World War 1

During World War 1, Hampden constructed the Hampden Wharf in Falmouth for shipment of its sugar and rums which is today a major entry port for some of the world’s largest cruise ships such as RCL “Harmony, Symphony and Oasis of The Seas” Additionally, the wharf facilities currently serve now as a major tourist hub. The estate has donated lands for schools, housing and for many other social infrastructure uses.

The Donation

In 1955, the old boiler house, which was located at Gales Valley on the Estate, was donated by the owners of Hampden to Her Royal Highness Princess Alice, who was then Chancellor of the UWI. She arranged for it to be dismantled, block by block. Each building stone was meticulously numbered, then transported to the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus and reassembled.
It took three years to complete the task. When it was done, this beautiful Georgian building, made with finely dressed limestone from Hampden Estate, was reborn as the University Chapel, which is today considered an architectural gem.

Jamaica Sugar Company

The Farquarsons operated the estate producing sugar and rum until 2003 when it came under the ownership of the Jamaica Sugar Company of Jamaica. The estate is renowned for possessing the best cane lands in Jamaica producing the highest Ton Sugar from Ton Cane milled. During this time its rums were exported exclusively to Europe, England and Scotland.

Everglades Farms Ltd.

In 2009, Everglades Farms Ltd. owned by the Hussey family, acquired the estate via public bid through divestment procedures of the Jamaica Sugar Company assets, owned by the Government of Jamaica. Since the acquisition, Everglades Farms has invested heavily into the estates, provided jobs throughout Trelawny and provide considerable financial and other infrastructure support more than 17 communities and schools. This has brought renewed hope to the people of the region and to the economy of Trelawny. The Hussey family is committed to preserving the great traditions of Hampden and to the preservation of old family business values, a necessary prerequisite given that several of Hampden’s current customers can trace their orders back several generations.

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