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Offrian Rum

OFFRIAN means “To Offer” in Old English. It illustrates the mysterious and poetic process named “The Angel’s Share”. The legend says that angels come to visit cellars and deduct a part in barrels that goes back to Nature as an offering. That is why we called our rum "Offrian Rum"
This natural phenomenon of evaporation occurs throughout the entire ageing period and is one of the most important in the world in Panama. This sharing is nevertheless necessary and contributes significantly to the elegance, flavour and fineness of our nectars.

The district of Pese in Panama is where Don Pancho discovered the “San Carlos” distillery created in 1919 and abandoned. He discovered inside a copper column made in Cincinnati and dated back to 1922. Through incredible amounts of hard work and passion, Don Pancho restored it to give birth to Las Cabras Distillery. He turned it into one of the most renowned in the world.

OFFRIAN rum is aged in ex-bourbon American white-oak barrels charred on the inside. This burnt layer combined with rum and wood contributes to transfer aromas such as vanilla, dry fruits, butterscotch and cocoa…

New barrels provide woody and vanilla flavours while oldest contribute with subtle aromas and elegance.

Don Pancho personally selects barrels that will be used for rum-aging. This traditional process requires all experience and skills that only a Master-Ronero can achieve.


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Offrian Rum Portfolio Verkrijgbaar in Nederland Te proeven op onze Rum Proeverijen
Offrian 12yo Rum Ja Ja
Offrian 8yo Rum Ja Op Verzoek
Offrian 18yo Rum Nee Nee
Offrian Loire Finish Rum Nee Nee

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Offrian 12yo Rum