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Pampero Rum

The history of Pampero Rum

The story of Pampero ™ Rum begins in 1938 in Caracas. Two friends from simple but relationships with an insatiable passion for making rum dare that unthinkable and use for the first time oak barrels for the storage of their rum.
In the spirit of the Llaneros, the Venezuelan cowboys and freedom fighters, Alejandro Hernández and Luis Toro knew exactly what they wanted and left own way to achieve this goal: the production of a rum that the freedom of love and the character of the Venezuelan prairies.

Therefore, the Llaneros are still symbolic of the passion of Founding fathers of Pampero ™. A passion that continues to work to this day the maestro ronero, Luis Figueroa, lives on. The avowed "big man with a big nose" dedicates himself with dedication, experience and precision to the blending and aging process of rum. He knows the three secrets that give Pampero ™ rum its distinctive flavor, and knows that the truth is hidden in every drop.


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