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Relicario Rum

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Relicario Rum is defined as a light rum, characteristic of Dominican rums. Ron Relicario is the result of optimum fermentation and distillation of the musts, as well as the ageing of the alcoholic phases in American oak barrels.
Ron Relicario is the result of a combination of basic 5- and 10-static year-old rums (Ron Relicario Superior) and basic 10- and 15- static year-old rums (Ron Relicario Supremo).

Relicario Rum is made from 100% native Dominican sugar cane juice harvested manually. The sugar cane juice is fermented for 30 hours with yeasts (sacharomyces cereviceae), which contribute to the aromatic composition of the final product.

Distilled over stages in continuous columns of different heights, and the last one in a copper still to achieve a smooth product. The entire one-day maturing process is rigorously controlled by our master rum maker, who seeks the maximum finesse, personality and quality.

Our rum is aged at 70º in American white oak barrels of 225L. The process is controlled from start to finish at our distilleries in the Dominican Republic, in the humidity and temperatures typical of the Caribbean. The sea breeze and the internal roasting of the barrels brings it the characteristic aroma, personality and quality of our rums


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Relicario Rum

Relicario Rum