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Rhum Island Rum

Rhum Island Information
Saint Martin
Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, 18°5’N/63°5’W, our Friendly Island has lived for centuries to the rythm of cultures and customs. Sugar cane planting and commerce on the island began since 1648. Saint-Martin held up to 22 operating plantations, the last of which closed its doors in 1915.

Born from the passion of the founding members to continue the precious liquid’s history.

It is in the purest tradition that Island Company Rum has developped its concentrated island spirit.

This selection of cane juices, refining and assembly gives our Rhum Island its unique aromas.

Saint Barth
Saint Barth, the gem of the Caribbean located in the north of the Lesser Antilles, 17°55’N / 62°50’W, was discovered by C. Columbus in 1493.

Sugar cane was introduced to the island at the end of the 17th century but the only attempt of growing it failed in 1785 due to a lack of soil fertility.

The daring and tenacious French inhabitants transformed an arid island which was shaken by history into a haven of peace and tranquility. This philosophy gave birth to the Saint Barth Rums.

The Island Company ages and distributes fine and harmonious rums with delicate flavors in honor of this little paradise.

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Rhum Island